Mundane is a combination of texts, found images and tableau photographs dealing with recent social violence of Bangladesh. The work developed as protest – a protest against our desensitized memories to violence.

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday, inspired by the song of the same name, is the attempt to visualize psychological and physical struggles women face on a daily basis. Salma Abedin Prithi’s photographs oscillates between poetry, light humor and vulnerability, and transgresses between the imaginary and the almost violently real. Prithi consciously combines glossy, fake, and contrived arrangements with references to conflicting gender rituals. In dialogues with the women around her, she realized that the severe power asymmetry within the endorsed gender roles was neither limited to the public places, nor to someone’s personal experience in private sphere, and continues to haunt in everyday moments. 


Torn explores the minds of patients in Bangladesh during the Covid-19 outbreak. I researched newspaper coverage of people in hospitals, collected the images, and reconstructed and enriched these personal situations, which tend to be absent in mainstream media. Mainstream media homogenises. It does not attempt to delve into people’s sufferings. I have viewed it differently, using the technique of stage photography to express people’s anxieties.


A body occupies space, but how freely it can move within gravity? A trained gesture makes a body a social being, but often not in a lucid form. There is a conscious act of intimacy, dependency, ignorance or enmity, but some acts lose control and expose unrecognizable gestures. Prithi invited people from diverse backgrounds into her studio and allowed them to act upon intimacy or separation. There are real and unreal moments. She preferred a mix of both.

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